Individualized Cosmetic Dentistry in Costa Mesa

If you are embarrassed about crooked, cracked, discolored, or uneven teeth, you may be hesitant to smile. If your smile affects the quality of your life and self-confidence, then cosmetic dentistry can help you achieve the smile you desire. At Sukut Dental, we offer cosmetic dental services in Costa Mesa and beyond to help you achieve your dream smile.

Whether your goal is to improve your oral health or enhance your appearance, our Costa Mesa cosmetic dentists can help. Our cosmetic dentistry options use the latest dental technology available while still being affordable. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment and talk to our dentists about your smile.


What is Cosmetic Dental Care?

Conventional dental techniques focus on diagnosing, treating, and preventing oral diseases. However, with cosmetic dentistry, the primary goal is to make aesthetic changes to your gums and teeth. Our dentists use their experience in cosmetic procedures to help your gums and teeth look amazing. Although cosmetic procedures can also serve a functional purpose, the focus is on improving your smile's appearance.

Modern cosmetic dental restorations are both attractive and durable because they use advanced dental techniques and materials that protect as much of the natural teeth as possible. If you have gaps between your teeth, discoloration, misaligned, broken, or worn teeth, cosmetic dentistry in Costa Mesa can help improve their symmetry and color.

Comprehensive Cosmetic Dental Services in Costa Mesa

At Sukut Dental, we offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments to suit the needs of every patient. Our Costa Mesa cosmetic dentists strive to preserve and protect your healthy, natural teeth while improving the aesthetic of your smile. Our team offers the following cosmetic dental services:

Brighten Your Smile With Teeth Whitening

Over time, popular beverages like dark juices, red wine, coffee, and tea can stain your teeth. At Sukut Dental, we offer teeth whitening services to enhance the aesthetics of your smile. Our dentists provide KöR® in-office and take-home teeth whitening treatments. If you prefer an in-office visit, our team will apply an effective and safe whitening solution to your teeth for our chairside treatment. If you prefer to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home, we off a take-home treatment option using custom trays for best results. Our procedures restore the natural, beautiful color of your teeth quickly and efficiently.

Veneers to Eliminate Imperfections on Your Smile

costa mesa veneersIf you have chipped, discolored, or worn teeth, then veneers may be the perfect solution for you. Veneers are thin porcelain shells that are bonded to the most visible teeth to improve their color and shape. Our dentists will meet with you to perform a comprehensive examination of your teeth and gums and discuss the details of this procedure with you.

If you opt for veneers, our cosmetic dentists in Costa Mesa will buff the teeth lightly to create a comfortable fit, then your custom veneers will be bonded into place. We'll make sure that the veneers blend with your teeth, giving you a beautiful and natural-looking smile.

Quality Invisalign Services to Straighten Your Teeth

We are proud to offer experienced Invisalign services in Costa Mesa. This treatment is a popular alternative to the traditional fixed braces for adults and teens. Invisalign uses a set of clear plastic trays customized to your teeth to help align the teeth comfortably and gently over time. Our cosmetic dentists will utilize a digital scan of your mouth to create a series of aligner trays for you. Each set is typically worn for two weeks before going to the next tray.

Invisalign aligners apply gentle pressure to help shift the teeth into position and correct gaps, overcrowding, or crooked teeth. It's a great way to straighten your smile without making major changes to your overall lifestyle.

Maintain Healthy Gums With Diode Laser Treatment

If you are unhappy with a gummy smile, our diode laser treatment can contour your gums and reshape the aesthetics of your smile. We use a specialized diode laser to safely eliminate the excess gum tissues and improve the appearance of your smile. Our in-house periodontist can also use this technology to treat infections in the gums as well as cold sores.

BOTOX For a Comfortable, Beautiful Smile

BOTOX is an excellent way of improving your smile and your overall aesthetics. At Sukut Dental, we offer BOTOX treatments that usually last for months and are extremely effective. This cosmetic dental treatment helps your skin look vibrant and young by relaxing the facial muscles beneath your skin. Our BOTOX services can help in treating:

  • A gummy smile
  • A down-turned smile
  • Smile or frown lines
  • Some TMJ disorders

Full-Mouth Restoration to Rejuvenate Your Smile

cosmetic dentist costa mesaOur cosmetic dentist in Costa Mesa develops comprehensive treatment plans designed specifically to help you reach your smile goals. This customized plan allows our team to complete all the dental procedures you need in fewer appointments with more efficient results.

Our full mouth reconstruction services involve a combination of dental procedures such as teeth replacement using an implant or a bridge, cosmetic enhancements such as teeth whitening, and smile design with veneers or Invisalign. Our team will walk you through your options and answer any questions you may have so that you can select the dental treatments that will revive your overall oral health and restore your beautiful smile.

Enhance Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry in Costa Mesa

Our friendly team is passionate about creating beautiful smiles. You don't have to be embarrassed because of your teeth and smile anymore. The innovative restorative dental treatments at Sukut Dental will help you achieve your dream smile. Our qualified and experienced staff is always happy to serve you and help you reach your smile goals. Get in touch with us today for your appointment.


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